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Get to know about Electroplating

There's no such thing as alchemy - magically changing common chemical elements into rare and valuable ones - but electroplating is possibly the next best thing. The idea is to use electricity to coat a relatively mundane metal, such as copper, with a thin layer of another, more precious metal, such as gold or silver. Electroplating has lots of other uses, besides making cheap metals look expensive. We can use it to make things rust-resistant, for example, to produce a variety of useful alloys like brass and bronze, and even to make plastic look like metal.

So what is Electroplating ?

Electroplating involves passing an electric current through a solution called an electrolyte. This is done by dipping two terminals called electrodes into the electrolyte and connecting them into a circuit with a battery or other power supply. The electrodes and electrolyte are made from carefully chosen elements or compounds. When the electricity flows through the circuit they make, the electrolyte splits up and some of the metal atoms it contains are deposited in a thin layer on top of one of the electrodes - it becomes electroplated. All kinds of metals can be plated in this way, including gold, silver, tin, zinc, copper, cadmium, chromium, nickel, platinum, and lead.

Why use Electroplating

Electroplating is generally done for two quite different reasons. Metals such as gold and silver are plated for decoration : it's cheaper to have gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry than solid items made from these heavy, expensive, precious substances. Metals such as tin and zinc (which aren't especially attractive to look at) are plated to give them a protective outer later.

Electroplating Benefits Overview

Electroplating for metals surfaces can offer number of important features and benefits, that can help improve the quality metal's surfaces such as :

Increase Hardness

The electric charge causes ions of the plating solutions to adhere to the surfaces to make the plating more reliable and durable.

Increase Thickness

Electroplating protected the plating surfaces so it can less susceptible to damage when struck or dropped.

Prevents Tarnishing

Some types of electroplating protect against premature tarnishing in certain kinds of metals and also reduce the likelihood of scratching

Resist More Heat

The surfaces from the electroplating makes more resist to heat and increase their lifespan.

Conducts Electricity

Plating with silver can enhance electrical conductivity, making it a highly-effective process for the manufacturing of electronics and electrical components.

Enhance Appearance

Electroplating improves the appearance of metals such as copper, looks like expensive and more precious.

Enhance Performance

Many benefits from electroplating to metals such as copper, silver, gold, and any other thus increase their performance and appearance.

Forms a Protective Barrier

Create a barrier on the substrate that protects it against atmospheric conditions such as corrosion.

Electroplating Result