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What is Electroplating ?

Get to know more information about electroplating.


There's no such thing as alchemy - magically changing common chemical elements into rare and valuable ones, but electroplating is possibly the next best thing.

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Electroplating Benefits Overview

Electroplating for metals surfaces can offer number of important features and benefits that can help improve the quality metal's surfaces such as :

Increase Hardness

The electric charge causes ions of the plating solutions to adhere to the surfaces to make the plating more reliable and durable.

Increase Thickness

Electroplating protected the plating surfaces so it can less susceptible to damage when struck or dropped.

Resist More Heat

The surfaces from the electroplating makes more resist to heat and increase their lifespan.

5+ More Benefits

Plating improves overall quality and the longevity of the substrate. Contact Us or go to Our Services Area to get more information about these benefits.

Materials We Processes

Electroless Nickel Plating

Giving the metal many advantages such as decorative apperance, corrosion protection, low coefficient friction, and much more.

Gold Plating

Used in jewelry manufacturing, allows the manufacturer to provide the market with jewelry that appears to be made of pure gold at a cheaper price as the jewelry is only plated with gold.

Aluminium Alloys Plating

Increase the alluminium's surface hardness and resistance and increase the resistance of corrosiveness by acid and alkaline.

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